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Property Management


To execute an effective asset management strategy for a real estate investment, Bluepeak Asset Management provides comprehensive, institutional quality property management services for office, flex/industrial, data center, medical office, retail, multi-family and rental properties. Our complete range of services allows corporate, public and private real estate owners to delegate the responsibilities and burdens of property management through leveraging the experience and skills of seasoned, local real estate professionals, while securing the tangible benefits that sound investment real estate offers.

For our clients, we work to preserve and enhance the long-term value of real estate by optimizing real estate performance through retaining existing tenants; maximizing the value of services and goods from vendors; and by seeking operational savings where possible to improve property cash flow and returns.

Specifically designed for private investors in this challenging economic climate is Bluepeak Asset Management's innovative new service platform, CustomManagerTM. The CustomManager program provides a suite of services that allows property owners to select the management services they need that will fit their real estate budget. The core management functions are always included in CustomManager (rent collection, lease administration, service contract management, financial budgeting and reporting, and 24/7 property coverage). Owners can custom tailor the level of property management service to fit their unique investment property needs by selecting other services such as construction management, energy management, due diligence, property inspection and assessment, tenant retention programs, and project leasing.

Property Management Services:

  • Professional Management Staffing - we hire and deploy seasoned real estate managers to oversee the operations of the project including property and third party staff. Most of our managers hold accredited real estate industry professional designations, such as Certified Property Manager (CPM®) or Real Property Administrator (RPA®).

  • 24/7 Staffed Dispatch Service - a live person to take and dispatch all service calls on a 24/7 basis, so that our qualified, experienced staff can handle all property situations including any emergencies on a 24/7 basis. Every call is logged to ensure that every tenant situation is handled properly.

  • Property Transition Due-Diligence - all aspects of a property are reviewed in the course of setting up an assignment, including tenant leases, vendor contracts, existing staff, physical condition, existing operating expenses, insurance, property taxes, and debt service. Full property management set up includes lease abstracts, physical assessment, operating expense review, preparation of a detailed operating expense and capital expenditure budget, property accounting and job cost accounting, banking accounts, financial reporting, vendor taxpayer information, utility service accounts, insurance certificates, and business taxes and licenses.

  • Property Inspection and Assessment - annually and upon start-up of an assignment, a detailed preventative maintenance physical inspection of the property is conducted to outline the costs and time frames to complete maintenance projects and capital improvements.

  • Budgeting and Forecasting - detailed annual budgets will be prepared for operating expenses and capital expenditures, including janitorial service, window washing, landscaping and grounds maintenance, engineering, HVAC maintenance, fire/life safety, electrical, plumbing, roof maintenance, elevators, plumbing, painting, pest control, security, administration, tenant retention, insurance, property taxes, debt service, tenant improvements and major repairs.

  • Property Accounting - a complete property accounting service supervised by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Experienced property management accountants correctly track all funds, and maintain complete and accurate records for each individual project.

  • Monthly Financial Reporting - detailed, accurate, timely reports are prepared on a monthly basis.

  • Tenant Service and Retention Program - a formal monthly tenant retention program, including annual decision maker surveys, to maintain strong tenant communication, satisfaction and occupancy.

  • Project Leasing - when appropriate, experienced staff can handle leasing duties.

  • Rent Invoicing and Collection - rents are invoiced monthly and collected, and complete and accurate records are maintained. All funds are deposited into a federally insured financial institution trust account.

  • Operating Expense Recovery (CAM) Billings and Reconciliation - recoverable expenses estimates are billed monthly and a full reconciliation completed on an annual basis.

  • Property Expense Management - operating expenses are closely monitored, reviewed and approved, before authorized payment. Property taxes, insurance and debt service are reviewed against market guidelines and action taken where appropriate.

  • Service Contract Management - annual review of all third party contracts for cost and appropriate service specifications for contract services such as landscaping, heating and cooling, lighting, parking lots, fire suppression and life/safety system monitoring systems and other items that require regular inspection, testing and care.

  • Energy Management Program - energy audits and conservation programs. ENERGY STAR and LEED assessments or sustainability reviews.

  • Lease Administration - on-going enforcement of tenant lease provisions and insurance requirements to minimize ownership legal liability and financial risks.

  • Property Operations and Maintenance - when a property disposition is approved or requested by property ownership, the asset manager will work with the experienced and connected investment brokers to widely market the real estate asset to public and private investors to achieve the best sales price possible within a pool of qualified buyers, and will handle the sale from the creation of the offering memorandum to the close of escrow.

  • Construction Administration - oversee energy savings projects, major repairs and maintenance, tenant improvements and capital improvements projects.

In addition, our new  GreenNowTM service focuses on helping commercial building owners maximize income in an environmental friendly approach.  With GreenNow, it has never been easier to take financially sound environmentally proactive steps to improve return on investment.  In addition, implementing the GreenNow action plan is a smart leasing strategy that provides competitive marketing and operating cost advantages during leasing and lease negotiation.

We look forward to earning your business and serving your real estate needs at Bluepeak Asset Management. Contact us today.